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About the Trans Day of Visibility event

April 3, 2018

It has come to our attention that this event, that was programmed to occur at the LGBTQ Center of Durham last Saturday, was celebrated at a private residence. This last minute, unauthorized change was the decision of a now former employee of the Center, appearing to be motivated by personal reasons.

We want to applaud the celebration of the event, which showed the resilience, energies and fabulous talents of the GNC and trans communities in our midst, but can’t support such decision, that precluded some people from attending it. It appears to us as disruptive and divisive, without considering the conflicts and harm that would result from it.

In times like this, we want to dearly hold the members of the communities mentioned and assure them that they are, as always, welcome at the Center. We cannot afford to be unnecessarily divided in view of the threats that are in the political environment right now.

During the event, we saw an unsigned document that was circulated with various allegations that throw doubts on the integrity of the Center’s authorities. Such document, of unknown origin, is just that, unfounded allegations, perhaps related to the former employee’s personal views.

We declare our most explicit support on the authorities cited. We are decidedly in favor of a healing process in this regard, moving forward. For additional information, you can contact us.

Lea S Córdova, MA,MS.
SAGDAC, ODI, Duke Medical School
LGBT Task Force, OIE, Duke University
[email protected]
J Zirbel, MS, MTS, MDiv.
[J , no pronouns]
Rainbow Community Cares, Inc
[email protected]

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