LGBTQ Center Takes on Muse Masquerade

The History of Muse Masquerade

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Since The Carrack opened in 2011, they held their largest annual fundraiser each October. The goal for this event is to raise enough money to cover rent and overhead expenses for one year.

In 2015 they changed the style of the fundraiser to better suit our audience. What was once a creative-black-tie gala with an art auction has become an enchanting live art and performance infused masquerade ball called The Muse Masquerade, and is hosted at downtown Durham’s 21c Museum Hotel. It has been referred to by many attendees as Durham’s party of the year.

This is a magical evening filled with music, dance, experimental performance, tarot, interactive experiences, live poetry, theater, art, and drag—reflecting and celebrating the diverse and talented community that The Carrack served and will continue with the LGBTQ Center of Durham. The party fills three different levels of the hotel.

It’s truly an immersive experience and uniquely “Durham”.

Find the full press release regarding the closing of The Carrack here.

Moving Forward

With the full support and endorsement of The Carrack, the LGBTQ Center fo Durham is excited to move the Muse Masquerade forward as a fundraiser to support the initiatives at the LGBTQ Center of Durham including the Host Home Program and the LGBTQ Center of Durham. Muse Masquerade 2020 will be on Friday, October 30, 2020 at 21C Museum Hotel.