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February 2023: We have recently added two fields to our request form. You will see LGBTQ-owned? and AAILA-owned? on some entries. These are self-declared fields. AAILA is 'African, Asian, Indigenous, Latin American'.


  • Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity • 125 Science Dr., Bryan Center 100, Box 90937, Durham NC 27708-0937 • 919-684-6607 • • WebsiteFacebookTwitter • The Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity works towards creating a more inclusive campus climate at Duke University. We also serve and support Duke alumni/ae and the greater LGBTQ community.
  • Duke LGBT Network • • Website Facebook • The Duke LGBT Network is an organization dedicated to serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community of the University. Our goal is to stay connected to Duke and to each other and our allies through professional networking.
  • Free HIV & Syphilis Testing Program • 1-800-456-2323 •  • Across Durham County, NC • Website FacebookInstagram Free HIV and Syphilis testing available. Directions for your free tests are simply find a convenient testing location using your zip code at our website,, then call 800-456-2323 and request a free Durham County HIV and/or Syphilis test. Then go get tested at your convenience. LGBTQ-owned? YesAAILA-Owned? Yes
  • InReach • N/A •  • (Remote), based in United States • Website FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn • Mission Statement: To ensure safe help is InReach for all members of the diverse LGBTQ+ community.

    Vision Statement: When InReach is at scale, every trans and queer person will have on-demand access to the safe, affirming resources they need to thrive.

    We are a trans-led tech nonprofit increasing resource access for the diverse LGBTQ+ community. We do this through the free InReach App, the world’s first tech platform matching LGBTQ+ people facing persecution or discrimination with safe, independently verified resources. LGBTQ-owned? YesAAILA-Owned? No
  • LGBTQ+ College Student Guide Website  • Our new guide provides prospective students and their families with tools to identify the right schools, an overview of common challenges, tips for applying, and details on the federal laws that protect LGBTQ students.
  • NC State GLBT Center • NCSU Campus Box 7295, Raleigh NC 27695 • 919-513-9742 • • WebsiteFacebook • The mission of the NC State GLBT Center is to engage, develop, and empower members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities and their allies at North Carolina State University.
  • NCCU LGBTA Resource Center • 1801 Fayetteville St., A.E. Student Union-G-64, Durham NC 27702 • 919-530-5545 • • Website Facebook • The LGBTA Resource Center strives to create an inclusive campus community by providing support services, educational programs, advocacy and opportunities for leadership development. We serve NCCU and the surrounding community.
  • Transgender College Student Resource Guide • WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn • As you know, trans, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming students report mental health issues at a much higher rate than their college peers. Our team at believes college should be a place of inclusion. This is why we created two resources in support of trans students working towards their education. Our guides include:
    Finding Supportive Colleges & On-Campus Communities
    Transgender Scholarship Opportunities
    Coming out on campus & student rights against discrimination

    Read them here:
    Transgender College Student Guide

    Scholarships for Transgender Students 
  • Trauma-sensitive, LGBTQ-friendly college admissions • 917-426-4708 •  • remote • Website FacebookInstagramLinkedIn • I help students apply to college and write a sparkling essay that gets noticed. If you or your student have health conditions (including mental health and neurodiversity), I can also help you apply for disability accommodations and navigate other disability-related questions, like what kind of accommodations might be available and whether to disclose your identities on an application. You may also feel free to reach out if you are facing academic or disability-related difficulties after you have already started college, or if you have questions about whether I can help your specific situation.

    While I am aware that no university can create a perfectly safe environment for LGBTQIA+ people, I want to use my experience to help you find a college that is as safe and welcoming as possible. I have over 13 years of experience working in higher education and have been featured in publications such as LGBTQ and ALL, Autism Parenting Magazine, Collegiate Parent, Thrive Global and Thriveworks. I also hold a PhD from Duke University.

    Please note that I am not a medical provider and cannot provide medical treatment (my doctorate is in the humanities). However, I have extensive experience navigating the healthcare system and am happy to help you access medical care if you need it.

    My pronouns are (she/hers). I am a female cisgender person, and I get my gender news from trans advocates with lived experience. My practice is trauma-sensitive, LGBTQ-friendly (including trans-friendly), disability-friendly, and welcoming to immigrants and international students. I honor your privacy and will not disclose your identities outside of our meetings.

    I work remotely and am available to assist students nationally and internationally. You won't need to commute, and you can get help even if you are outside the Durham area. Looking forward to hearing from you! LGBTQ-owned? NoAAILA-Owned? No
  • UNC Chapel Hill LGBTQ Center • SASB North, 450 Ridge Road Suite 3226, Chapel Hill NC 27599 • 919-843-5376 • • WebsiteFacebook • The LGBTQ Center works to foster a safe, inclusive environment for UNC-Chapel Hill community members of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.
  • UNC Infectious Diseases (ID) Clinic • (984) 974-7198  • 100 Eastowne Drive, 5th Floor • Website The UNC Infectious Diseases (ID) Clinic is a large, LGBTQ-friendly practice in the Eastowne Medical Office Building in Chapel Hill, near the intersection of US 15-501 and I-40. Our team of providers has expertise in HIV treatment and prevention (including PrEP), and low-income people with HIV can access Ryan White services through our clinic, including help with medication costs, mental health, substance use, dental care, nutritional counseling, housing navigation, and much more. In addition to comprehensive HIV services, UNC's ID experts can help with sexual health needs, hepatitis C, tuberculosis and other mycobacterial infections, mpox, and a variety of other acute and chronic infections. Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and there are lab and radiology facilities on-site, as well. LGBTQ-owned? NoAAILA-Owned? No
  • Underage Drinking and Its Dangers • 888-795-0694 •  • • Website FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn • As you know, alcohol affects a variety of aspects for everybody, but especially mental health. We recently made a guide about underage drinking and included information about that as well as the dangers of it, how it affects teens mentally, and other ways we can all ensure safety
  • Zoe Voigt - Writing tutor • Durham NC • • LinkedIn • Tutoring for students who want to improve their writing, or who want support for writing college application essays.