Our Programs

As the LGBTQ Center of Durham has grown, so have our programs. In January of 2019, we hired our first full-time staff members and our momentum has not ceased. Please see below a list of our flagship programs and their respective websites.

Friends Aging Quirkily

FAQ* is a collaborative effort to build community among LGBTQ+ folks aged 50+ in & around Durham. Partners include the LGBTQ Center of Durham, Transitions LifeCare, and the Durham Center for Senior Life (DCSL)

Gender Identity Programs

The LGBTQ Center of Durham hosts a number of transgender and gender non-conforming programs and support groups. Please contact us at [email protected] for more info on our support groups.

Host Home Program

The LGBTQ Center of Durham’s Host Home Program (HHP) works with transition age young adults (18-24 years old) who are experiencing housing instability in Durham County and the Triangle region.


The Center's library is close to being a fully-functioning lending library. Our volunteers have begun entering our current collection, cataloging, and setting up our future and circulation management using TinyCat.

Though it is still a work in progress you can begin to get a sneak peek at our collection here via TinyCat and LibraryThing.

LGBTQ Youth Center

The LGBTQ Center of Durham received support from the city through participatory budgeting in 2019 to receive start up funds to open the LGBTQ Youth Center in 2020. The planning process is underway and other non-profits such as iNSIDEoUT are being engaged to assist with the planning. A Youth Advisory Council will be formed once the structures for the Center are in place.

Pride: Durham, NC

Pride: Durham, NC brings love and activism back to the forefront of Pride as a way to drive stronger connections and further growth and success in a tumultuous political climate. All people with love in their hearts and progress fueling them are welcome at Pride: Durham, NC.