HIV/AIDS and STI Prevention, Education, and Treatment

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February 2023: We have recently added two fields to our request form. You will see LGBTQ-owned? and AAILA-owned? on some entries. These are self-declared fields. AAILA is 'African, Asian, Indigenous, Latin American'.

HIV/AIDS and STI Prevention, Education, and Treatment

  • Alliance of AIDS Services Carolina •  4 N Blount St Suite 100 • FacebookOur intentionally diverse staff, including bilingual team members, helps ensure that clients can find a connection no matter their background, heritage, how they identify or their primary language.

    We are centrally located in Raleigh (the capital of NC and the largest city in Wake County as well as the Triangle region), with our testing/care and support facility easily accessed by car and public transit.

    Relationship building is at our core. Coupled with our staff's compassionate, non-judgmental approach, we are invited and regularly provide HIV/STI testing and resources at non-traditional locations like parks, street corners, homelessness shelters, jails, migrant farmer camps, nightclubs, substance abuse centers, and community colleges throughout central NC. 
  • STD Testing and Prevention in Durham • Website • Recently, our team of experts investigated the rising number of STD cases in Durham. In order to help combat the worsening problem, we created a comprehensive resource that features helpful information about STDs in Durham and a directory of local organizations that provide a wide range of health care services to help stop the spread.
  • Student Health Action Coalition HIV • 1301 Fayetteville Rd, Durham NC 27717 • 919-956-4000 • • Facebook • Free rapid HIV testing, results in 20min. Offered through the UNC SHAC HIV organization at the Lincoln Community Health Center on Monday afternoons 5:30pm-8:00pm
  • UNC Infectious Disease • 101 Manning Drive First Floor Memorial Hospital Chapel Hill, NC • 984-974-7198 • We care for LGBTQA community with HIV, HCV, and patients who want to be on PREP: Please call Anita Holt, RN for more information.