Pride: Durham, NC

Due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), Pride: Durham, NC planning is temporarily paused to give us a chance to see how events will be impacted in the Fall. With new information coming every day, we will be updating the community as soon as we have made a decision.

Creating and Facilitating Community

Pride: Durham, NC serves as the annual celebration of community, family, pride, and activism in Durham and across the state. Durham being the home to progressive politics and true inclusion is the perfect location to celebrate your identities. Located in the state famous for "THE Bathroom Bill," HB2, Durham is also where activists have shaped history through radical acts and intelligent collaboration between key community members.

Pride: Durham, NC brings love and activism back to the forefront of Pride as a way to drive stronger connections and further growth and success in a tumultuous political climate. All people with love in their hearts and progress fueling them are welcome at Pride: Durham, NC.

The Festival and Parade

Pride: Durham, NC will take place Saturday, September 26, 2020 on Duke University’s East Campus at 1304 Campus Drive. The festival is from 10 AM to 4 PM. Please find our festival map and accessibility information below. The parade starts at 11 AM.

Please use this button to sign up to be in the parade or festival.

The Evening Concert

Please join us at Durham Central Park from 5 PM until 10 PM. There will be food trucks, ample beverages including a free water station. Please bring your own water bottle to be more sustainable.

Our History

With more community input and intergenerational guidance, Pride: Durham, NC is the location for members of the LGBTQ community in Durham and beyond to celebrate and rejuvenate their spirits. Please read more about the history of NC Pride (from the NC Pride Archives) and Pride: Durham, NC.

“Somebody, your father or mine, should have told us that not many people have ever died of love. But multitudes have perished, and are perishing every hour—and in the oddest places!—for the lack of it.”

James Baldwin